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@properties Selects VHT Professional Interactive Floor Plans Service
to Make Real Estate Listings Stand Out and Engage Home Buyers

Integration of VHT floor plans and photo services creates robust marketing package that sells more homes

Chicago, IL – May 21, 2013 -- VHT Inc., a leading provider of visual and digital marketing services, announced today that @properties, a leading Chicago-based real estate brokerage, has chosen its Professional Interactive Floor Plans Service to enhance its marketing of real estate listings.

VHT Studios’ Professional Interactive Floor Plans Service is integrated with its photography capabilities, providing real estate professionals with the same high quality, consistency and convenience they have come to expect from the nation’s leader in real estate imagery. Photographs and expert room measurements are taken on-site by VHT specialists in one easy appointment. Both photos and floor plans are delivered within 2-3 business days.

The combination of interactive floor plans and great photos creates the ultimate shopping experience for buyers and a robust marketing package that sells more homes.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, selling real estate is all about the visuals,” said Brian Balduf, VHT Chairman. “Having great photographs and videos of a property is critical in creating an emotional connection with potential buyers. But the addition of a professionally-drafted floor plan enhances a buyer’s viewing experience and helps them understand dimensional aspects of a home that aren't apparent in the photos.”

“It’s almost irresponsible not to make floor plans available when it’s so easy to do with VHT’s new service,” said Thaddeus Wong, co-owner of @properties. “Properties can be equivalent in location, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. You need to have a full grasp of how all the rooms relate to one another to help you determine a property’s value and if it fits a buyer’s needs.”

Wong said @properties is committed to providing interactive floor plans and high-resolution photos free of charge to sellers on all properties listed at $500,000 or higher, and will soon extend the service to those at $300,000 or higher.

“The majority of our listings will soon have floor plans included,” Wong said. “It’s crucial to give buyers as much information as possible.”

“The addition of interactive floor plans is yet another innovation by @properties that gives our agents and clients an advantage in a competitive marketplace,” said Erin Mandel, agent for @properties.

VHT Professional Interactive Floor Plans show all walls, partitions, doors, windows, staircases, columns, recesses, chimneys, major appliances, floor levels and room dimensions. Measurements are taken by experienced professionals.

VHT also offers a Floor Plan Reconstruction service to produce new floor plans from architectural blueprints that may be difficult for buyers to read and interpret.

About VHT

VHT is a leading provider of digital marketing technology and services to companies offering unique properties, locations and products who need a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for customer acquisition and driving revenue on the web. VHT Studios provides professional photographers, image optimization specialists and state-of-the-art technology for producing the finest visual imagery. VHT ImageWorks is an integrated and automated platform that includes a comprehensive array of tools that businesses need to increase site traffic, leverage their visual assets and improve sales conversion. The platform requires minimal effort on clients’ part, and has delivered measurable results to industry-leading brands by increasing the volume of visitors from search engines and engaging online visitors with alluring visual presentations of their offerings

VHT’s team has decades of experience in marketing, technology, search engine optimization and professional production, management and distribution of visual assets – including photographs, video, multimedia tours and Video on Demand television spots for 3,500 client companies. Venture-backed VHT is based in Rosemont, IL

About @properties

Established in 2000, @properties is the No. 1 residential brokerage firm in the city of Chicago by market share, the fastest growing brokerage firm on Chicago’s North Shore, and one of the top 25 residential brokers in the U.S. @properties has offices in River North, Streeterville, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Lakeview, Evanston, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Uptown, New Buffalo, Mich. and Glenview (opening summer 2013). For more information, visit www.atproperties.com.


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