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To assist you in maximizing your VHT resources throughout your VHT experience, below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact a Client Services Representative at (800) 790- TOUR (8687) or via email at Support@VHT.com.
Categories of Frequently Asked Questions
VHT Services and Rates


1. What Services do you offer? VHT provides photography, video and multi-media for the marketing of luxury properties, locations and destinations. All of our completed services are presented in customized web pages and can be reformatted for any type of media distribution. Please contact our Client Services Team to receive more information on how we can help you effectively market your property online, print, and television. Rates vary according to each company and market.


Getting Started


1. How do I order a property tour? Ordering services from VHT is easy. Current clients can log into their MyVHT account or call our Client Services Team at 800-790-TOUR (1-800-790-8687). We also accept orders via email at support@vht.com. New clients can call our Client Services Team at 800-790-TOUR and one of our knowledgeable Client Services associates will set up your account and assist you in choosing the best service for your property marketing needs.


2. Can I order a property tour without a PropertyID/MLS Yes. Many clients like to place the order early before the property is listed. However, in order for us to distribute the tour link and photographs to all the Web sites and destinations, we will need the property ID/MLS#. Simply email us the ID# (s) once the property is listed or you can log into MyVHT to add/change/modify a PropertyID/MLS# at anytime.


3. What is the time-line for an appointment with a VHT Photographer? You will receive a call from a VHT Photographer by the end of the next business morning after placing an order. The VHT Photographer will offer 2 dates with specific times. At least one date/time offered will be within 1-3 business days following the date your order was placed. For example, if you place the order on Monday during business hours, at least one appointment time will be offered and available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. In the unlikely event that this timeframe is not met, please call us at 800-790-8687.


4. Will my VHT photographer stage the property? VHT Photographers are not certified staging professionals with the Real Estate Staging Association, but they will do what is known as “light staging”. Light staging improves the overall presentation of the photograph, 360 scene and/or video. Light staging includes:
    -Aligning window treatments
    -Adjusting some lightweight furniture such as dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, etc.
    -Straightening pillows and bedding
    -Turning off ceiling fans and televisions
    -Concealing electrical cords when possible
    -Closing toilet lids
    -Removing minor clutter
Before the photographer arrives, the property should be clean, prepared, and staged. Due to liability and risk of injury, VHT photographers are instructed not to move furniture and not to move most objects within the property, particularly large, heavy objects and personal items. For more information and suggestions on how to prepare the property before your appointment, please visit www.vht.com/prepare


5. How long before my property tour is complete? For most property tours, you can expect to receive your viewer (completed property tour link) within 1-2 business days following the shoot date. VHT Studios™ will send you an email with a link to your property tour. The VHT Studios™ Image Specialist will also distribute/send your tour and photographs to the various Web sites and destinations specified on your order. On average the start to finish time of completing an order is 5 business days from the day the order is placed.


6. Express Service

  1. What is Express Service? Express Service is a Guarantee to “rush” the processing of images and email link by no later than 12 Noon Central Time the next business day after the photography shoot has taken place. Video with Voiceover is not eligible for this service.

  2. Why is there an extra charge for this Express Service? Our normal processing time of 1 to 2 business days still applies to your order at no extra charge. However, if you need the guarantee of images quicker, or the “peace of mind” of knowing you will receive them by 12 Noon Central Time (1pm Eastern) the next business day, then the Express Service is the best option.

  3. What If I just need the images completed by the end of the next business day? Our normal processing time of 1 to 2 business days still applies to your order at no extra charge.
  4. I ordered Video with Voiceover and Express Service - will this portion be completed by 12 Noon Central Time (1 pm Eastern)? Video with Voiceover is not eligible for the Express service due to the longer processing time needed. However, we will commit to delivering your photographs by 12 Noon Central Time (1 pm Eastern).
  5. Can I order this Express Service after the completion of the appointment with my photographer? Express Service can only be ordered at the time of the appointment. The photographer will call in to VHT’s main office to make sure everything is set up to process your order with Express Service. The photographer and Client Services need to verify that we can meet this deadline, as well as confirm all billing and contact information.
  6. What if I ordered Express Service and I do not receive my completed photographs by 12 Noon Central Time (1 pm Eastern)? In the unlikely event you do not receive the completed photographs by 12:00 noon Central Time (1 pm Eastern), please call our Client Services department at 800-790-8687. A client services representative will verify all contact information on file and determine if delivery of photographs was attempted. Should it be determined that the photographs were not completed by the 12:00 Noon Central Time (1 pm Eastern) deadline, the Express Service fee will not be charged.

7. How can I cancel/reschedule with my VHT Photographer? You can either contact the VHT Photographer directly or call us at 800-790-TOUR. We do have an 8 business hour cancellation policy. VHT needs at least 8 business hours notice prior to the confirmed appointment time or a cancellation fee may be assessed.


8. Can I use the same photographer for every shoot? If you have a favorite VHT Photographer, then you can select to have all your orders for new listings directed to your Preferred Photographer, who will then work with you to schedule the appointment. Please keep in mind that due to popular demand, availability, and property location, that your choice of photographer may not always be able to meet you within the next 3 business days. You can change your photographer preference selection by logging into your MyVHT account. You can also call 800-790-TOUR if your scheduling needs require a specific order be handled by someone other than your Preferred Photographer.


9. Do I need to meet the photographer at the property? Yes. It is our policy is that the agent or agent’s assistant be present for the scheduled meeting with the photographer for two reasons: 1) Safety and security of the photographer, and 2) Sharing of ideas and preferred angles with the photographer to insure that the best possible photographs of the property are captured.


Distribution/Linking Information


1. Can I link my property tour to other Web sites, such as MLS Web sites? VHT has the ability to distribute your property tour link and photographs to a wide variety of Web sites and destinations. Please check with our Client Services Team to find out where we can distribute your property tour and photographs to maximize the property's exposure. For local Web sites, VHT provides a URL link that you can use on any Web site you choose. For MLS and IDX compliant Web sites that require non-branded tours, simply add "/nobranding" to the end of your tour URL. This will remove all branding and contact information associated with that particular tour. VHT offers a variety of additional distribution options, including YouTube, Zillow and Trulia, in the VHT Media Marketplace section of your MyVHT account.


2. Why is there a fee to distribute my tour to Realtor.com? Realtor.com charges a fee to link a property tour to each listing. We administer collecting this fee and remitting payment to Realtor.com. For more information on Realtor.com Distribution, please click here.


3. Why is my property tour not being displayed on certain Web sites? In order for us to distribute your tours and photographs to most Web sites, we need the correct Property ID/MLS# and Zip Code. To update this information, you can go to your >MyVHT account, or send an email to support@vht.com. If you have ordered distribution through the VHT Media Marketplace, please visit www.REMM.biz/vht for more information.


4. Where can VHT send my photographs and property tour links? VHT has the most reliable and flexible image management and distribution system in the business-VHT ImageWorks™. VHT's ImageWorks™ System resizes, reformats, and renames completed photographs according to each distribution partner's requirements. VHT's ImageWorks™ then electronically distributes your professional VHT photographs and property tour links to each preferred destination. By managing the entire process of image acquisition, optimization, and distribution, VHT is able to help ensure that all of your media is displayed properly and professionally on Web sites, print materials, publications, and television.

5. How do I order FREE YouTube Distribution for my video tour?
To place your order: 1. Log into your MyVHT account   2. Section the Go> button next to the property you wish to market   3. Add YouTube to your cart and check out. For additional questions regarding YouTube distribution, please visit www.REMM.biz/vht.

6. Can I change the information on the YouTube overlay? Right now the information we have on the overlay includes: Agent portrait, broker logo, beds and baths, agent email address, property Web site and agent telephone number if we have this data available. We are only able to add or remove the portrait and broker logo at this time; we are not able to customize any other data elements at this time.

7. Can I get the hard file so I can post the video myself? Simply log in to your MyVHT account, select the listing and then select the Downloads tab to download your video hard file.

8. How do I remove a YouTube video? You can contact us at support@vht.com with the property details and MLS number and we will remove the video for you within 1-2 business days.

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Technical Questions


1. Why can I see the viewer but not the 360° Scenes? If you are able to view the web page but have a black box in the 360° scenes view area, you may need to update Java. Java is a plug-in that allows users to view certain media content. Though it comes installed on many new computers, some may still not have the necessary plug-in and/or the latest update. To acquire the most current Java plug-in, simply click here. When the page is loaded, click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button on the left side of the screen. This is a free download.


2. How do I control the 360° scenes? Simply place the cursor over the rotating image. Left click the mouse and hold down while you drag the mouse in the desired direction.


3. How do I view my tour? If your property tour includes a VHT Tour video, simply click on the "Take a Tour-Video" icon. Videos are best viewed using high speed internet access (i.e. DSL, ISDN, Cable Modem, T1 line, etc.). Please allow time for the video to play. This could take 10-30 seconds, depending on your internet connection. If you cannot see the video, you may need to download the most recent version of the FREE Microsoft Media Player by clicking here. Currently, all VHT Video Tours require Media Player 10.0 or higher.

Saving the Photographs and Property Tour


1. How do I save a photograph for use on the web? It is very simple to save all your VHT professional photographs for use in other applications. Simply select the photograph so that it appears in the main section. Right click the photograph, then select "save as". More details on our VHT ImageWorks™ features can be found here.


2. How do I save a photograph for use in print? It is very simple to save all your VHT professional photographs for use in other applications. You can access the high resolution print photograph by using the VHT ImageWorks™ feature. More details on our VHT ImageWorks™ features can be found here . Simply click the thumbnail of the photograph that you would like to download, click the IW Button in the lower left. You will then be prompted to Open or Save the photographs. You can also log into your MyVHT account and download all photographs at the same time with just a few clicks.


3. How do I save as a JPEG? My computer does not allow me to save the image as a JPEG, only BMP? One of the most common causes for this is actually an error in the Temporary Internet Files folder. This usually occurs when the cache is either full or sized incorrectly. Clearing these folders through Internet Options in the Tools menu will usually fix the problem.

        To Clear the Cache follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Internet Options
  4. Click General Tab
  5. Under Temporary Internet files, you should click Delete Files
  6. Confirm with an OK


4. How do I save the property tour? For virus and security reasons, we do not allow the property tour to be downloaded from the Internet. If you would like a copy of the tour to put on CD-ROM, DVD or your computer so you can view offline, it can be purchased by contacting our Client Services Team and your file will be emailed to you.

Changes/Modifications to Property Tour


1. How do I change the information on the viewer (contact phone #, email address, Web site, etc)? This information can be changed at any time by logging on to MyVHT. Or, you can simply contact Client Services by phone or email with the requested changes at (800)-790-TOUR or support@vht.com. Any changes made will update all of your previous property tours, and will also be correct on all your future property tours.


2. Can the room/location name be changed on the photographs or 360° Scenes? Our Photographers in the field make every effort to confirm with our clients the preferred names of locations/rooms. These names can be changed at any time after the property tour is complete by logging on to MyVHT. Or, you can simply contact Client Services by phone or email with the requested changes at (800)-790-TOUR or support.vht.com. support@vht.com.


Video Services - The VHT Tour


1. I ordered the VHT Tour - Music service. How many photographs are used for the VHT Tour? The length of a VHT Tour is a maximum of 60 seconds. Up to Ten (10) photographs are utilized for the 60 second VHT Tour. If additional photographs are requested, additional editing fees apply.

        Additional Editing Fee Schedule:
$25 - 61-90 seconds and/or 11-15 photographs
$50 - 91-120 seconds and/or 16-20 photographs
$75 - 121-150 seconds and/or 21-25 photographs


Any changes/modifications to completed VHT Tours start at $35. This includes, music and adding/deleting photographs/scenes. Each change/modification request will be quoted separately and work will not commence without approval from the client.


2. I ordered the VHT Tour - Music & Narration service. What is the process and how long will it take to complete the property tour? There are many VHT professionals on our team involved with completing this type of video tour. It is important to note that this VHT Tour is produced by VHT Professionals without client approval. For client involvement in the script writing and approval process, please see VHT Tour-Custom (below).

        Summary of Process:
1. VHT collects property information from client at time of order
2. VHT Photographer shoots property
3. VHT Studios edits photographs and sends E-postcard to client
4. VHT Script Writer prepares script
5. VHT voiceover talent records narration
6. VHT Studio completes VHT Tour - Music & Narration and sends URL tour link to client. The Tour and files are also distributed to destination Web sites and distribution points (i.e., cable television companies, brochure printers, newspapers, etc.)
7. Collateral materials are sent (if ordered)
After the VHT Photographer shoots the property, it takes approximately 4-5 business days to complete the VHT Tour - Music & Narration. Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions for the VHT Tour - Music & Narration package.


3. I ordered the VHT Tour - Custom service. What is the process and how long will it take to complete the property tour? There are many VHT professionals on our team involved with completing this type of video tour. All of the professionals work together through a VHT Project Coordinator to complete your customized presentation in a timely manner.

        Summary of Process:
1. VHT collects property information from client at time of order
2. VHT Photographer shoots property
3. VHT Studios edits photographs and sends new viewer to client
4. VHT Tour Product Production; VHT Script Writer prepares script and the Script Coordinator sends to client for approval; Client approves script; VHT voiceover talent records narration; VHT Studio completes VHT Tour - Custom with voiceover and music and sends completed tour to client
5. Presentation Albums, CD-ROMS/DVDs and 5x7 prints are sent (if ordered or included in a package). This entire process takes approximately 11-15 business days.
Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions for the VHT Tour - Custom package.


4. How long does it take to complete a YourTOUR?. The YourTOUR option is usually complete within 1-2 business days. Once you upload your photos, the VHT Image Specialists will take your photos through our proprietary 12 point optimization process. Our Professional Video Editors will then create a high-quality video tour of your property which will be displayed in a full featured viewer for easy distribution.


5. How is YourTOUR delivered?. YourTOURs are produced in the VHT Studios and are delivered to the client via an Order Complete email.


6. How do I create a YourTOUR for my property? Simply place your order and a Client Services representative will call you to obtain your photos.


7. Why should I buy a YourTOUR? With over 10 years experience VHT Studios Image Specialists and Professional Video Editors will produce a visually stunning tour from your photographs. Each Image Specialist will take the time to optimize each photo ensuring that they are the best quality. They then review every photo; carefully crafting each move ensuring a visually superior video tour to anything available on the market today!


8. What are the image requirements? All images submitted for use in YourTOUR™ should have the proper licensing and approvals granted, be the highest resolution and the largest size possible and be similar in quality and appearance.


9. How many images can I upload? YourTOUR uses a minimum of 8 photos but you can upload any number up to 16.


Other Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I order a Floor Plan? VHT offers professional Floor Plans that can be added to your property tours. These Floor Plans are produced using computer aided design software and are prepared after an on-site measurement by a VHT Professional. VHT can also produce Floor Plans from architectural blueprints or from old floor plans. Finished Floor Plans can be used in brochures, presentations, emails, and/or Web sites. Click here for more information.


2. How do I order brochures and postcards? VHT and Xpressdocs have joined to offer you a fully integrated way to put your professional photography to work for you. If you ordered professional photographs from us, they are now automatically waiting for you when you log in to your account at Xpressdocs. No need to worry about image format, image resolution, filenames, image uploading, internet connections, etc. Everything is integrated into one seamless ordering process at Xpressdocs. For more information click here. You can also select print material options in the VHT Media Marketplace section of your MyVHT account. Simply hit the Go> button next to the listing you wish to market.

3. How can I view Property Tour statistics? You can access your statistics page directly from your MyVHT MyVHT account.

4. What is the GPI designation on my photographer’s business card? GPI stands for Graduate Photographer Institute and is a highly specialized training and instructional program administered exclusively by VHT.  

This certification represents to you that your photographer has completed a highly specialized training and instructional program administered exclusively by VHT.   This ensures that every VHT photographer has the skills and expertise to represent VHT and our clients with the highest standards in professional architectural photography.  The designation involves classroom and infield training, including shadowing and critiquing from seasoned VHT photographers and VHT Studios specialists.   Each GPI certified photographer also receives ongoing continuing education in VHT's proprietary techniques.   This allows VHT to offer a 100% quality service guarantee for all of our clients.  GPI is just one of the many reasons why VHT is #1 in providing the highest quality photographs for over 1 million properties nationwide.

Please contact us with comments, questions or suggestions at www.vht.com/contact.
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