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VHT is the only Visual Marketing Company in the industry to maintain their own in-house studio, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and leading edge technology. VHT Studios employs professional Video Editors, Image Specialists, Scriptwriters, and Voiceover Talent. Every VHT photograph is edited and VHT Photography Optimization
By definition, optimization is the procedure or procedures used to make a system or design as effective or functional as possible. At VHT this procedure means editing by a professional Image Specialist in VHT Studiosâ„¢, and correcting for on-sight challenges with lighting. Each photograph is taken through a 12-point quality control checklist adjusting for color, balance, sharpness, brightness, contrast, RGB levels, hue, saturation, shadows, reflections, lens flares, and composition. All of VHT's images are optimized by VHT Studiosâ„¢.
by the Image Specialists in VHT Studios where they ensure each image meets VHT's 12- Point Quality Standards Editing Process.

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