Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the VHT ImageWorks program.

Why do you need my original photos if you already have the MLS photos?
Answer: The larger the size of the photograph we have (the higher the resolution), the higher quality your video, brochures, and full-screen viewers will be. In addition to the MLS photos being low-resolution and often containing a watermark, they have already been re-sized/compressed once, reducing the quality of the photograph. They are essentially a lower-quality copy of the original. So if we were to take the copy and make another copy by optimizing it and increasing the size of the photographs for a full-screen viewer or brochure, it would actually hurt the appearance of the photographs even further, making them look pixilated/grainy/fuzzy.

What do you mean by hi-resolution originals?
Answer: If you have taken the photographs, this means the largest image size (the highest resolution you have) that has come from your camera (not re-sized). The minimum size the photograph should be is 1600x1200 pixels. If your photographs were taken by a professional photographer, you would just need to request the hi-resolution photographs from them.

To ensure you always have a hi-resolution original, set your camera to its highest setting. For most cameras today, this will be around 4000 x 2000. You can easily re-size your photographs then for any print or web marketing purpose and can be assured your photographs will look the best they can in every application. You can purchase inexpensive memory for your camera or computer to store your hi-resolution originals.

If VHT has photographed my listing, do I need to upload the images?
Answer: No, your images will already be in your MyVHT account (

How do I determine the resolution (the size width x height) of my images?
For PC Users/Windows XP: Right click on the image and click ‘Properties’.
Select the ‘summary’ tab, which will give you the width and height of the image.
For PC Users/Windows 7: Click on the image and the dimensions will appear in the bottom status bar.
For Mac Users: Click the image and the dimensions will appear in the information on the right.

What if my photos were taken by a photographer not affiliated with VHT?
Answer: Simply request the hi-resolution photographs and a copy of your release/license from your photographer, and then upload those to VHT ImageWorks as you normally would.

How long will it take for my VHT ImageWorks products/tools to be created?
Answer: Estimated production times are as follows:

  • Optimization of your photos:
    From a few hours up to 2 business days after you’ve uploaded your original
    photographs of the highest resolution (depending on web traffic and time of day)
  • Hi-resolution video creation:
    2-3 full business days after you’ve uploaded your
    original photographs of the highest resolution
  • Full-screen viewer:
    Created upon your photos being optimized.
    Additional time needed for your broker to apply the viewer to their site.

Where does VHT distribute my photos and video?
Answer: Every video is distributed to YouTube and Daily Motion. All brokerage firms using VHT ImageWorks have a customized list of online distribution points, so the remaining distribution points will vary by company.

What does VHT do to optimize my photos?
Answer: VHT ImageWorks optimizes 12 critical aspects of every photograph. This includes optimizing:

  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Temperature
  • Recovery
  • Exposure
  • Tonal Curves
  • Fill Light
  • Tint
  • Blacks
  • White Balance