For Brokers
VHT ImageWorks is a comprehensive image optimization, distribution, and management platform with robust video creation and search engine optimization capabilities.
Give your brokerage firm more than just better photographs, brand control, and video on every listing — VHT ImageWorks gives you the power to own the relationship with buyers by being the Authoritative Site. It gives you the power to take back the web!

The Problem

Driving buyers to your site effectively. You’re missing out on more buyers than you know, and you’re losing them to other real estate websites

How Search Engines Determine Ranking
Search engines determine ranking largely by the quality and number of inbound links, key words/content, and pictures/video. Those determined to be the ‘authoritative source’ on a search will make it on the first page of the search results, above the fold, which receive 90% of the clicks.

Others sites being recognized as the Authoritative Source for YOUR listings
You may have thousands of listings being syndicated to sites like Trulia, Zillow, and Yahoo… and all of them place a “no follow” tag on your listings, which tells search engines NOT to look back to you as the authoritative source. These no follow tags are like virtual stop signs to search engines. Click here to view an illustration and for more information on no follow tags.

For a more detailed explanation of the above,
please contact us for a personal “Winning the Battle for Buyers” seminar.

The buyers that do come to your site, may not stay there. When/if buyers do find your site, the photographs (removed ‘and tools’) presented by agents for each listing are often less than compelling.

The Solution

Videos and optimized web pages for every property. VHT ImageWorks provides a video for every listing, posting those videos to YouTube and Daily Motion with all links directed back to your Web site. The videos and links dramatically increase search engine relevance.

Additionally, VHT ImageWorks produces a Web page for every property containing key words on three levels: global, regional, and long tail. Canonical tags are added to tell search engines that your brokerage firm is the source of all the data. These Web pages are published to all major search engines.

For a full explanation and list of what this solution provides,
please contact us for a personal “Winning the Battle for Buyers” seminar.

Better user experience for your buyers. VHT ImageWorks provides a number of tools designed to provide potential buyers with an improved user-experience—these tools engage buyers faster and motivate them to take action.

Some of the tools provided include (but are not limited to):

  • A full-screen photo viewer
  • A video tour with music on every listing
  • Studio optimized photos

Additional Benefits to your Real Estate Professionals

  • Convenience! They use one simple photo upload with
    automated sizing, formatting, and online distribution
  • More buyers
  • Moving ahead of the competition with
    a better buyer experience online